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Barrett Law Group, LLC

Our Services

Barrett Law Group provides a wide range of civil legal services for both businesses and individuals.    

Business Legal Needs

Barrett Law Group represents businesses in a wide range of legal needs.  Attorney Barrett has handled cases on behalf of manufacturers, landlords, management companies, funeral homes, restaurants, and many other types of businesses. Barrett Law Group handles the following types of cases for businesses: Business creation; Business wind ups and/or dissolutions; Collection of outstanding invoices and/or bills; Commercial closings; Accounting lawsuits; Owner disputes; Derivative Actions; Injunctions; Asset sales; Buyout agreements; Contract review and drafting; Commercial tenant evictions ; Commercial rent collection; Unfair trade practices; and Business fraud claims ;

Services Provided

Here at Barrett Law Group we provide a broad range of civil legal services.  Barrett Law Group’s goal is not only to provide you with quality legal advice, but to do so with the personal attention each client deserves.  Below is a list of services provided.  If you do not see the type of service you are looking for, please contact Attorney Kyle Barrett to see if Barrett Law Group can help you with your specific legal needs.  

Litigation and Collection Services

Barrett Law Group provides a vast range of litigation and collection services.  Barrett Law Group can assist you in filing suit and prosecuting your case to collect past due invoices, bills, or sums owed to you or your business.  We also engage in a wide range of litigation cases.  Barrett Law Group uses several different tools to help possibly locate, execute, and attempt to collect upon debtor’s assets. Barrett Law Group can handle the following types of cases: Collections; Rent collections; Lease  collections; Commercial collections; Unpaid Invoices, Bills and Promissory Notes; Fraud claims; Contractor claims; Adverse possession; Land disputes; Additional litigation services provided include: Mechanics liens; Foreclosures; Appeals; Bank executions; Wage executions; Judgment lien foreclosures; and Property executions; and Other types of cases.

Personal Injury

Whether you’ve been hurt in a motor vehicle accident, bitten by a dog, or received injuries from a fall, Barrett Law Group has handled each type of case.  The longer you wait, the less favorably the insurance companies look upon your case.  Any delay in treatment could jeopardize a potential recovery.   Contact Barrett Law Group immediately to discuss your case. Barrett Law Group handles many types of personal injury claims including: Car accidents; Motor vehicle accidents; Truck accidents; Motorcycle accidents; Sidewalk fall downs; Slip and falls; Premises liability cases; Dog bites; Negligence; Injuries caused by drunk drivers; Dram Shop Actions; and Other personal injury type cases.

Housing and Foreclosure

Barrett Law Group represents clients on both sides of housing matters as well as foreclosures.  Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, or in need of foreclosure or your home is being foreclosed upon, Barrett Law Group can represent you.  The eviction process is a swift process; do not hesitate.  Evictions are designed to be fast-paced proceedings to get the tenant out as fast as possible.  This can benefit and hinder both landlords and tenants.  Additionally, commercial evictions follow different laws than residential evictions.  Therefore, it is important to know the distinctions between the two.   Contact Barrett Law Group to discuss your housing or eviction case.  Barrett Law Group represents individuals and businesses in the following types of Housing and Foreclosure Cases: Residential evictions (landlords and tenants); Commercial evictions (landlords and tenants); Lockout / Entry and Detainer actions; Security deposit cases; Mortgage foreclosure; Mechanics lien foreclosure; Judgment lien foreclosure; and Foreclosure mediation.  

Personal Legal Needs

Barrett Law Group provides the following services for individuals iwth their everyday legal needs: Residential closings; Wills; Livings wills; Trusts; Small claims cases; Rent disputes; Security deposits; Landlord/tenant matters; Evictions; General Lawsuits; Unemployment; Dog bites; Fall downs; Motor vehicle accidents; Foreclosures; DUIs; Fraud claims; and Small criminal matters

Other Services Provided

Just because your legal needs are not listed on this page does not mean Barrett Law Group can’t handle it.   Please contact Barrett Law Group to determine if the Firm can address your specific needs.  Further, Barrett Law Group is available to assist other attorneys and firms in regards to drafting motions, discovery, or complaints, as well as  covering court hearings, trials, depositions, or other court proceedings.